8 Point Facelift

As we age, collagen, elastin and subcutaneous fat unfortunately all progressively decrease within our skin. Over time, this change increases the appearance of sagging facial features and a loss of volume which leads to the formation of lines, wrinkles and folds. Decreasing facial volume forms areas of flatness that appear hollow and tired. These signs of aging are particularly noticeable and the 8-point facelift provides the following:

· Soften and brighten tired looking eyes

· Restore a youthful look and volume to sagging cheeks and jowls

· Treat deep lines around the nose, lip and forehead area

In the past, the only method to collectively address the above issues would have been through a surgical facelift. In recent times however, advances in filler products from Juvéderm and procedure know-how have provided the opportunity for a non-surgical and less invasive procedure known as the 8-point or liquid facelift.

The 8-point facelift rejuvenates and restores volume to the 8 areas affected by aging.

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