Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows are redefined with individual hair strokes, eyes are given emphasis and lips are perfectly outlined and blended. The benefits of semi-permanent make-up are felt every day giving a smudge free look that will last.

Stefanie is a fully qualified Permanent Makeup Artist and HD Brow® stylist. She specialises in the application of semi-permanent make up and correction, creating the effect of perfectly applied makeup.

Originally from an Art & Design background, she has a natural creative ability and an eye for symmetry. Stefanie has worked as a full time makeup artist for over 5 years and has trained with some of the UK’s leading industry experts.

The treatment process 

I provide a treatment that is bespoke to you….

Starting with a  your consultation we will discuss skin tone, the colours available to you and the look you’d like to achieve, whether natural or defined. Together we discuss and draw shapes and I use specific measuring tools and methods to ensure you get the perfect shape and symmetry for you. Only when you feel happy with the shape and colours chosen, will the treatment begin.

Local anaesthetic cream will be applied to the skin prior to your treatment to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and throughout the treatment additional anaesthetic is applied.

Your treatment will consist of two appointments- the initial procedure will take approximately 2 hours and at the end of this we will book in for a colour boosting procedure approx 4-6 weeks after.

For your Brows……

Fabulous eyebrows can add instant lift, shape and contour to your face. Choose from a natural hair stroke, soft powdered looking eyebrows, or maybe even a stronger looking powerful brow.

Choose pigment colours to replicate individual hairs along the brow, a great solution for sparse, over plucked or missing brows.

Define a brow shape with colour to create a stronger, thicker effect.

I can lift brows to give a refreshed youthful appearance and correct asymmetric brows using placement & shape.

For your Eyes…..

Show off your gorgeous eyes with an eyeliner treatment to subtly or dramatically enhance your eyes. The major benefit of permanent eyeliner is that it never smears or rubs off the skin even through watery eyes, perspiration, sleep and the weather.


Whether you would like full eyeliner or a soft natural line to enhance your eye colour, this treatment offers you the full spectrum of colour and choice to suit you. I can even add a Latino flick.

Eyelash Enhancement

By applying a fine line through the top, bottom or both sets of lashes I will give your eye greater definition as if you have applied mascara.

For your Lips…..

You can have beautiful fuller looking lips by recreating symmetry, adding a lip liner to re-define or choosing a lip blend to add fullness of colour. Lip treatments eliminate lipstick smearing and bleeding. Lipstick and lip gloss can still be applied but your lips will never be bare again.

It’s a sad fact that as you get older the border of your lip becomes less defined and your natural lip colour lightens. A lip liner and blend not only gives you a subtle hint of colour into the lip but also re-defines the border of the lip, giving your lips a fuller shape. You can choose a subtle colour or a darker shade and we will advise you about colour and realistic results.

Had permanent makeup before?

Maybe you need a colour boost? Or advice on shape or colour correction?

I’m trained and experienced in correctional procedures so please contact me for advice or to book a consultation.


Your procedure time can vary from 1hr 30 – 2hrs depending on what area you are having treated. A second appointment will be made for you to boost the colour 4- 6 weeks following your initial treatment. This is included in your cost. If for any reason the follow up appointment is postponed, please be aware that it must be rescheduled to take place within the 3 months of the original treatment. Post treatment care will be advised and a copy will be given to you to take home. The effects of semi-permanent make-up can last approximately 18 months – 4 years depending on your skin type and your life style, after which time the colour and shape will normally require retouching. Please bear in mind that extreme sun exposure and smoking can fade your make-up prematurely.

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